It is hard to select particular highlights, but the collection does include these portraits.

Aaron Burr, Vice-President of the United States, most often now remembered for fighting a duel with Alexander Hamilton. Early 19C painting by unknown artist, after the Vanderlyn portrait, (included in American 1 Gallery).

Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of Aaron Burr, attributed to John Wesley Jarvis. She was tragically lost at sea on a coastal voyage to New York, (included in American 1 Gallery).

Auguste Rodin leaning on his most famous sculpture, by F L Nicolet, (included in European 1 Gallery).

Napoleon, attributed to Jean Baptiste Duchesne. This portrait is engraved with the inscription "Given by the Emperor Napoleon to Marshal Ney who gave it to Lady Elizabeth Monck". Research has identified Lady Monck as a relative of the Earl of Uxbridge, who was one of the Duke of Wellington's commanders at the Battle of Waterloo. (included in European 1 Gallery.)

Portrait of a man by Charles Bourgeois. There are several similar portraits by him in the Louvre Museum, (included in European 1 Gallery).

Lord Byron, the English poet, an enamel portrait by Henry Pierce Bone, (included in British 1 Gallery).

William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of Great Britain, attributed to John Donaldson. This portrait is engraved on the rear with the inscription "Rt Hon'ble William Pitt". It is believed to have been painted shortly after he entered Parliament, (included in British 1 Gallery.)

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