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A number of knowledgeable visitors to the website have made helpful comments and also corrected some of my glaring errors. I am sure there are still many errors left, especially in the American section, all of which are mine! Any and all further corrections will be very welcome.

However, I would like to express particular thanks for their help and encouragement at various times, to Christine Archibald, Stefanie Deutsch, Bernardo and Anna Maria Falconi, Bodo Hofstetter, Thierry Jaegy, Natalie Lemoine-Bouchard, Linda Mitchell, Bernd Pappe, Jean-Jacques Petit, Vanessa Remington, Emma Rutherford, Camilla Seymour, Ed Sheppard, and Boris Wilnitsky.

Several employees of art museums have responded promptly and helpfully to my questions, and so I am also very grateful for their assistance.

Collecting Miniatures
Visitors with a general interest in the subject of contemporary miniature art, should visit the very comprehensive contemporary resource site at and its sister site These sites concentrate on contemporary miniatures, but include many links to sites with information about antique miniatures.

People specifically interested in collecting antique portrait miniatures and related items should investigate the links below which will take them to some locations where portrait miniatures can be purchased. The auction houses usually have their latest illustrated catalogue available online and most of the specialist dealers have their current inventory available to view online. Some of them include prices.

International Auction Houses;
1 Bonhams see Portrait Miniatures at Bonhams
2 Christie's see Christie's - Portrait Miniatures
3 Sotheby's see British Watercolors & Portrait Miniatures

Specialist Dealers
- America
1 Elle Shushan see Elle Shushan - Antique Portrait Miniatures - American, English ...
2 Christine Archibald see Christine Archibald Portrait Miniatures
3 Laura Nagan Brown see Portrait Miniatures
4 Joseph Topping see Joseph Topping at Ruby Lane : Portrait Miniatures, Silhouettes ...
5 Joan Brownstein see Joan R Brownstein

6 Kyle Karnes see
7 Mark Reinfurt see Equinox Antiques

- Britain
1 Piccolo Arts see Antique Portrait Miniatures from Piccolo Art Ltd.

2 Cynthia Walmsley see
3 Barry Hayes see Portrait Miniatures from Barry Hayes
4 Claudia Hill see Portrait Miniatures of Claudia Hill
5 Lawrence Gould see Lawrence Gould Antiques
6 Cynthia McKinley see Wigs on the Green Fine Art
7 David Lavender see DS Lavender :: Home Page

8 Emma Rutherford see Portrait Miniatures | Philip Mould & Company

- Europe and Israel
1 Nathalie Lemoine-Bouchard see Lemoine-Bouchard Fine Arts
2 Thierry Jaegy see Galerie Jaegy Theoleyre
3 Robert Keil see Robert Keil - Kunsthandel
4 Boris Wilnitsky see Boris Wilnitsky Fine Art - Homepage
5 Erica in Tel Aviv see antique-masterpieces

Specialist miniature restoration services are available from
America - Wiebolds see Antique & Art Restoration By Wiebold
Europe - Bernd Pappe of Switzerland
Europe - Carmen Krisai-Chizzola of Austria
However, many art museums and public galleries may also undertake the work. 

There are a number of Online Collections that can be viewed via the Internet. Just a couple are;
1 Smithsonian SAAM :: Have a Question? Find an Answer
2 Eye and other miniatures Georgian, Victorian, other

Other Interesting Links
This includes some sites where it is possible to commission modern miniature portraits.
In America see Miniature Art Information by Wes & Rachelle Siegrist
World Wide Art Resources -
Modern jewellery -

Stolen Miniatures
Inevitably some miniatures do get stolen. As a service to visitors images of stolen miniatures can be submitted for display in the Guest Gallery There is currently an image of one stolen item there.
There are also other sites on the Internet that show pictures of stolen miniatures, for example see Find Stolen Art - View Stolen Items
A word of advice, as the latter site includes images that are quite unclear. To help safeguard any miniatures you may possess, it is sensible to take good quality scans or photographs, such has been done with items displayed in this collection. However, even those images should be held somewhere safe, such as on a website like this, in case your computer is destroyed or stolen at the same time as the miniatures.

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