European Galleries

The European miniatures are currently displayed in two galleries, although the 20C ones may be separated out at some stage, as has been done with the 20C miniatures in the American and British Galleries.

European 1 Gallery - This includes many signed miniatures and identified sitters from about 1800 through to 1950. Over 100 miniatures in this group can be viewed at European 1

Those available to view include two of the portraits appearing here, one of the very famous French sculptor of the Napoleonic period, Joseph Chinard which is painted on enamel by Francois Soiron and one of Baroness Leopold Neuwall, the wife of a wealthy Austrian banker, painted by Domenico Bossi in 1816.

European 2 Gallery - This includes mainly signed miniatures from before 1800 and some 18C and 19C miniatures that are unsigned and/or where the sitter is unknown.

There are about 100 on view at European 2 They include two portraits shown here, one of a French Revolutionary soldier painted by Pierre Rouvier and one of three sisters painted by Marie Durieux.

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