Guest Gallery

This gallery has been opened to display images of quality portrait miniatures submitted by private owners of limited numbers of miniatures who wish to share their images and help enhance the exhibition as a reference collection of privately owned miniatures.

It therefore represents an opportunity for private owners to display miniatures that would otherwise never be seen by the public and also to invite answers to any research questions about the miniatures.

Several owners have now submitted portraits. Most recently, a Dutch collector has submitted some fine European items. A New Zealand collector is showing is a family group from London, England which is still being researched. From a collector in Chile is a very interesting group associated with the artist Antonio Meucci. An American owner has sent a portrait believed to be by Raphaelle Peale.

Additionally, owners of more substantial numbers of miniatures can have a free exhibition in a dedicated Gallery, such as Une Collection Francaise which shows a selection from a French collector's collection of 18C and early 19C French miniatures.

Other items for display are welcome and the owner's name and contact address will not be displayed unless it is requested. There is no charge associated with submission of a miniature portrait. An email containing images and any known details about the portrait is all that is necessary. Click on About Me for my email address to send them to.

The Guest Gallery is available to view at Guest Gallery

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