Recent Additions and Comment

Since late 2005 there has been an attempt to gradually improve the average quality and interest of items in the collection. This will be an ongoing process, but is difficult for a casual visitor to discern.

Thus separate galleries have been created which show additions to the collection. Generally, the miniatures added are replacement items for those which have been disposed of.

As such, it is a convenient way of showing additions for repeat visitors to the collection.

Miniatures added since December 2005 can thus be seen at;

2008 Additions and Comment
2007 Additions and Comment
2006 Additions and Comment

These galleries also include commentary on market place news associated with miniature portraits, often concerning miniatures sold at public auction to other collectors.


prettyflower said...

WOW, I can't wait to get rested from working the graveyard shift so I can jump back on your site! I stumbled upon it while researching for my own collection of miniature paintings.

Thank you!

Don said...

Great! You can contact me via the email address under my profile if you wish.